The 5 Day Podcast Challenge

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Starting your podcast can be hard. It’s easy to leave it sitting on the To Do list. Niggling at you but never quite making it to the top of your list.

Well – no more excuses! In this 5 day challenge, you’ll take 5 straightforward steps to get your podcast launched.

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In the 5 Day Challenge, you will:

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I know what it’s like. You think – “I can do it myself. I’ll just do a search.”  And to be honest, you can do it that way – I did. But it took time and a lot of trial and error. When I speak to ‘podcasters-in-waiting’, one of the common refrains is that they aren’t sure where to start, or they just don’t have time. So while they could do it completely by themselves, they haven’t yet.

If that sounds familiar then this is perfect for you.

First – it’s free. 

Second – it’s split into easy to follow activities.

Third – no searching on the web is necessary.

It’s easy to wait until just the right moment or that time when the stars align perfectly – but, let’s face it, they never do!

Why not sign up now and get ready to start your podcast! 

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